Empower Your Entire Team

Master managers understand how to create the conditions for empowering your entire team.

These managers take great care to define the goals and boundaries for each employee, and to ensure that they have the tools and conditions that will allow them to achieve those goals.
By the end of this section you will have:
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Understand the "Life Cycle of a Manager"

The Three Conditions for Empowerment

"Wide Boulevards, High Curbs"

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Empower your team members by establishing clear goals and allowing people to achieve those goals

in their own way. 

A Sneak Peak of
Empower Your Entire Team

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Here is what we will cover in Empower Your Entire Team

Wide Boulevards, High Curbs.

The primary idea here, which directly applies to your organization, is that the goals and objectives are clear, and there is freedom to achieve these goals as you see fit... as long as you stay "in bounds."

Three Types of Managers.


Enabling Empowerment.

An empowered environment allows you take full advantage of the capabilities of your team. The notion is not for you to conceive, plan, and do everything yourself, but rather for you to coach and encourage others to achieve as much as they can. This allows you to do other things such as work on your business, rather than in it. 

Creating Boundaries.


  Three Conditions for Empowerment.

In order to empower anyone, we first need to know that the person has three critical characteristics: Shared principles; Reliability; Competence

  Reliability & Responsibility.


By the end of this section you will:

Create clear goals.

Establish clear boundaries.

Use corrective action when needed.

Empower their teams to achieve their goals.

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